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25 Travel Quotes

October 2, 2021
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Product Detail

25 Travel Quotes will take your projects to the next level with cohesive quotes pack and gain a lot of engagement. It is ready-to-go and easy to use, just place over a photo, or use any of the versions included as they are. You can upgrade your social media accounts in a stylish and professional way with this pack. This collection is perfect for bloggers, marketers, typographers, graphic designers, fashion designer, creative works, photographers, architects, small business owners or simply those looking to build or grow a following online.

Product Features:

  • Document size: 1600x1600px
  • Suitable for all Social Networks & Banners
  • Fully Optimized Size For Instagram,
  • It can also be used for Facebook, Pinterest and others.
  • Transparent PNG for photo overlays
  • Quick preview of all Instagram stories.
  • High resolution / retina proof.
  • Pixel perfect shapes.
  • Easy image placement via smart objects.
  • Use with any image editing software


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25 Travel Quotes