How to use the coupon code

Hello, Welcome to Creative Finest.

So, if you have received our coupon code and are not sure how to use the coupon code. You can watch this video and easily add your coupon code to the cart or checkout. For example, we are going to choose Tauha Handmade Font and select our required license. Let’s assume you need a Logo license, then we have to select a logo license and currently, we are running a 30% off store-wide coupon code. Which is SAVE30. pause 0.2sec Copy this code and click on Add to Cart. Now, click on View Cart. Now, paste your coupon code or type any coupon code that you have received and click on Apply Coupon. pause 0.2sec You can also add the coupon on the checkout page. Click on Click here to enter your coupon code, enter your coupon and now click on Apply coupon code and done. You have now saved some discount.

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