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Chicago Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

March 22, 2021
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Product Detail

Chicago Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets will help you give specific and unique look in your photographs to give an outstanding result. These presets will help you focus on enhancing your photographs in a natural and eye pleasing way to achieve consistency, recognizable style and beautiful mood. Chicago Mobile Lightroom Presets collection is well-balanced and is perfect for an array of settings for products photography, accessories photography, clothing photography, portraits, fashion, beach parties, travel photography, late nights, landscapes, weddings, architecture, food photography, road trips with friends, lifestyle, and everything in between.


  • Takes only a single click.
  • High-quality result.
  • Easily editable effects.
  • Non-destructive Workflow.
  • Detailed help/Instructions PDF file included.
  • Completely experimented & tested.


  • 13 .LR Template Files
  • 1 CameraRaw Photoshop Action File
  • 13 DNG Files
  • 13 CameraRAW Xmp Files
  • 4 Readme Files


  • Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and 7(CC)
  • Adobe Photoshop Action
  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
  • Installation Instructions are included

Should You Purchase Lightroom Presets?

If you are a professional photographer or you have a good understanding of Lightroom. If you are a newbie, or you like to spend time capturing beautiful photos instead of spending tons of hours in post-processing – then you should invest in premium preset collection. There’s no doubt about buying presets, it will save you time in your editing workflow. You won’t have to spend your precious hours in creating the looks that you like. Instead, we have created high quality presets by working hard for you. Now, you can enjoy adjusting your photos easily. The main benefit of using Lightroom presets is to be able to quickly apply lots of different looks to your photos. It will help you quickly make decisions about how it will look. And then you can set about refining it and doing the fun part of processing.

  • Don’t waste your time spending hours to create looks. Select a preset, fine-tune it and you are good to go!
  • All our preset packs are well-organized so it’s easy to find the preset that you are looking for.
  • Installation instructions are provided in the PDF guide.
  • Save your time, speed up editing workflow, and spend less time on post-processing.
  • If you need support, we are just a click away. We do our best to respond to emails and most likely you’ll get a response from us within a 48 hours.

More About Our Presets:

  • Once you have made the payment, you can start downloading the presets on the checkout page or you can download them at any time using the link sent to your email.
  • You can use these presets with Lightroom Mobile App if you don’t want to take a subscription from Adobe. This pack contains all presets in .dng format supported by Lightroom Mobile App.
  • If you have older versions of Lightroom such as 4, 5, or 6 you can still use these presets as we have all the presets in .lrtemplate format which is supported by older versions of Lightroom.
  • Since 2018, Adobe has introduced a new format of presets, .XMP, supported by New Lightroom Classic. We have presets in .xmp format as well just in case you want to work on New Lightroom Classic.


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Product image of Chicago Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
Chicago Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets byCreativetacos
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